You might notice that the term Baptist is in our name, Fellowship Baptist Church. What does this mean, exactly? We believe in the Scripture for our doctrine, and we're probably similar - but not necessary exactly like -  many other Baptist Churches. There are as many Baptist Churches as one would care to count. There are Free-Will Baptist, Missionary Baptists (ABA, BMA), Southern Baptist, Northern Baptist, Independent Baptist, Primitive Baptist, Fundamental Baptist, North-American Baptist, American Baptist....many, many different kinds.
We are a Southern Baptist Church, but it has more to do with our association with other churches for purpose of missions than our belief-system. After all, each Baptist church is entirely autonomous, which means they aren't told what to do or believe by  a group of denominational leaders thousands of miles away.
What really makes us Southern Baptist is that we believe the Southern Baptist Convention is the best place where we can associate ourselves for the purpose of cooperating in missions. We believe the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention is one the greatest man-made methods for spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ in world history.
The basic concept is that, as people tithe their income to the local church, each local church sends a portion of that money on to their State Convention and local association of churches. The association uses the money to further the Cause on a more local / regional level. The State Convention uses those resources on a state. But it also sends a portion of those funds to a North American Mission organization (called NAMB) and an International Mission organization (called the IMB).
This partnership and cooperation is what allows churches associated with the Southern Baptist Convention to have more missionaries than any other evangelical denomination - by far. And we have thousands upon thousands of missionaries around the world that don't have to worry about writing home to raise funds, because their funding is provided by local churches just like ours - automatically. This allows them peace of mind, letting them focus on spreading the Good News without worrying about fund-raising.